Kevin Wilk Traveling Fellowship

Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2022!

Applications must be submitted by July 15th, 2022 11:59pm. Apply below!

Dates: September 23-October 4th, 2022

Instructors & Locations:

  • John Dewitt – Ohio State University Columbus OH
  • Corey Kunzer – Mayo Clinic Rochester MN
  • Gary Calabrese – Cleveland Clinic Cleveland OH


There’s no question that residencies and fellowships help develop sports physical therapists’ abilities for advanced competencies in the field. These programs allow professionals to develop their skills under the mentorship of a recognized clinical expert. Residencies and fellowships require the dedication of many hours of time toward the program...something that can be difficult to arrange in the post-graduate world. The Sports Academy is here to assist!

The AASPT is pleased to present the Kevin Wilk Traveling Fellowship. Fellows apply and are selected to spend 7-10 days traveling to three educational sites, spending two to three days each with noted leaders in our field. At each site, fellows will be involved in various activities:

  • Observation of the host therapist in the clinic
  • Surgery observation
  • Didactic component
  • Social activities to expand the fellows’ professional network

Up to six AASPT members may participate each year (three in the fall and another three in the spring) at no cost out of pocket. AASPT will provide selected fellows with the following:

  • Airfare to/from home city to each site (AASPT will book travel for you)
  • Lodging at each fellowship location (AASPT will book lodging for you)
  • Transportation costs to/from host sites, hotels, and airports (AASPT will reimburse for reasonable expenses for travel)
  • Meals during the fellowship (AASPT will reimburse for reasonable expense for travel; more details will be shared with finalists)

How to Apply

  1. Download the application
  2. Pay the $50 non-refundable application fee.
  3. Fill out the application and send it, your photograph, and CV to AASPT. Click here to Email.

Traveling Fellowship Application Fee



What is the AASPT Traveling Fellowship?

The AASPT Kevin Wilk Traveling Fellowship (TF) is a unique and exciting opportunity for an AASPT member in good standing to travel, work with, and learn from leaders in sports physical therapy.

The fellowship will allow a clinician to work side-by-side with some of the leaders in our field, observe operative surgeries for athletes of all ages, and learn through a didactic lead presentation and discussion from all of the host sites. Host physical therapists may be from many practice areas, including clinicians working in a hospital or private practices, those in collegiate and professional sports, research institutions, and professors of higher education.

This is a unique experience of a lifetime to get mentorship from some of our Academy’s greatest physical therapists!

Who is eligible for the TF?

The TF is open to any AASPT member in good standing.

How often can I apply for the TF?

As a member of SPTS in good standing you may apply for the SPTS TF as many times as you would like. However, at this time we will only allow participants to be chosen as a traveling fellow one time so that multiple members of our Academy will have the ability to participate in this incredible opportunity.

How many sites are covered during TF?

Each TF class will travel to three sites over the course of a 7-10 day time frame. Each site will have a host AASPT member who is regarded as a leader in the field of sports physical therapy. To help decrease the amount of time in route or traveling so that more time can be dedicated to education and professional experiences, each TF will have a regional aspect, including locations specific to that area of the United States. Generally these will be located geographically to the East, South, Midwest or Western part of United States.

How much does the TF cost me?

Funding is provided by AASPT and its corporate sponsors, therefore the TF will cost you nothing as long as guidelines are followed. There is, however, a non-refundable $50.00 application fee that will be required for complete application submission. Travel, lodging, food will be covered up to an appropriate amount with receipts and proper documentation.

How many fellows will travel at the same time?

Up to three fellows will be chosen for each class. These fellows will travel together and join in camaraderie during the fellowship.

Do I have responsibilities if selected as a traveling fellow?

Yes, you will be expected to present on a single topic of your choosing to educate your host. Additionally, you will be expected to give a short talk or presentation about your experience at the AASPT Team Concept Conference and at the TeamMates event at the Combined Sections Meeting following your fellowship.

How often will the TF be offered?

The TF will be offered twice annually. One fellowship will occur in the spring and another in the fall. 

How will travel be coordinated?

Travel and accommodations will be coordinated through the AASPT office.

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